Breast Augmentation For Men

One important form of self expression is breast augmentation. It is not only breast enhancement for women that is popular, but breast augmentation for men too has also become widely accepted these days, especially among the transsexuals, cross-dressers and trans-genderists. Without the risk of expensive surgical procedures, many such males can now have their figures feminized and that too without much risk. One of the best alternatives is taking necessary hormones. Breast growth is triggered in adolescent girls due to hormones.

In the case of intentional breast augmentation, hormones play an important role as catalysts. To trigger augmentation of breasts in males, one of the most reliable methods is administering female hormones to the male body. Risks that are associated with hormones of the synthetic kind are many. These risks include an increased potential for breast and liver cancer, swings in mood, hypothyroidism and depression. If you don't want your health to be affected then the other feminizing alternative that you can consider is the intake of certain herbs. The hormonal balance in the male body can be best impacted with effective herbs.

Around 300 herbal plants exist with phytosestrogenic activity triggers that can have a powerful influence on the balance of hormones in the male body. Just swallowing the herbs and then waiting for the desired results to occur is all that it takes. Another important method adopted for breast augmentation is a massage. For augmentation of the male breast, a breast massage proves to be very useful. Circulation of blood to the breast gets increased with the help of a good massage. Production of prolactin also gets stimulated well with regular massages. In the case of herbs, after consumption, they must get digested well, after which they circulate through the bloodstream and get delivered to the male breast region.

These herbs have to first reach the male breast region, after which the massages help well. The massage helps in increasing flow of blood to the breasts and in directing the herbal traffic to all those areas where it is most needed. Desired amount of prolactin gets produced due the stimulation administered in the breast and nipples, on a regular basis. Due to the stimulation, signals are sent to the brain, leading to the production of prolactin. Production of milk and breast development is associated with the prolactin hormone, which can be produced in females as well as males.

To get the hormone of breast enhancement flowing, a proper massage is a surefire way. Massages and herbs are natural and safe ways to help breasts fully develop in males. Many different kinds of breast pills are available in the market, but you should not take them without consulting a doctor. Herbal breast enhancement supplements that are 100% natural provide the best results. Both men as well as women have different factors that impact hormonal balance, so before taking any kind of herbal supplement or any other kind of medication, it is best to consult a qualified doctor for male breast augmentation. This is more complicated than boob job procedures on women, and involves more tests, apart from much needed hormonal impetus.