Breast Augmentation Risks

Thanks to breast augmentation methods that are being used in the current times, women are now able to invest in them to feel more confident as ever. In surgical breast augmentation, there are a number of risks involved. There could be a lot of side effects involved as well, which you should find out first. One of the major risks is that the breast implants sometimes cause a hindrance in the detection of breast cancer.

There could be lesions and/or tumors that are suspicious, which could be hidden by breast implants during the ultrasound, x-rays and mammography procedures. It is very important to talk to the radiology technician first, before the actual mammogram, and tell him about the breast implant. Some of the hi-tech equipments are able to detect the presence of tumors better through the scanning procedure. During a mammography procedure, the breast implants could burst or leak when the breasts are compressed for breast cancer testing. In the breast augmentation surgery, the nerve endings in the nipple and the breast could lose sensation and thus bring on imminent danger.

In some cases, the loss of sensation can be temporary; while in other cases it is permanent as well. To minimize the loss of sensation, the most inappropriate surgical technique or the most inappropriate implant can be determined best by the surgeon. Breast implants do not stay very firm forever. The implants could shrink or leak due to rupture or breakage. At times the implants get degraded in a natural way, which leads to bursting. Even a strong blow to the breast or extreme compression could cause the implant to burst. This could lead to change in the shape and size of the breast dramatically.

It is for increase in the size and shape of the woman's breast that an operation called breast augmentation takes place. At times, this kind of a procedure is adopted to balance the size of both breasts. The woman's bust line can increase by a bra cup size (by more than one or two also) due to the placement of a breast implant behind the breast tissue, by the plastic surgeon. The implant could also be inserted through various forms of invasive and non invasive insertions in the breast area and could be placed below or above the breast muscle. Appearance gets improved besides increase in self confidence. The decision to get a breast augmentation procedure done should be entirely the patient's.

No other person, including the boyfriend or husband should influence a woman's decision. It is very important to keep the expectations realistic and healthy. It is better if the plastic surgeon decides the type of breast implant that has to be used instead of you providing him with a suggestion. He is the best person to decide what is most appropriate for you and what is not, as well as the breast augmentation risks involved. Your feelings and justifications are most important in a breast enhancement surgical procedure which should be duly considered by the plastic surgeon. A permanent physical change brought about by a boob job may even need to be justified through therapy to understand your new found confidence.